Continuing WIP on spline revision, timing and specificity in curves for Coffee Burns animation

Here is what I presented in my Spring 2015 Animsquad Intermediate class tonight. The focus was on Jill, taking the splined animation that I made and refining those curves, getting more specific, adding more overlapping action, some retiming and facial adjustments. Perhaps one of the biggest changes I made one posting earlier was to change the camera! Wow, the difference is glaring. I had simply used the default 35mm camera in maya and the deformations in this medium close shot are just too weird. It definitely affected how I was animating and now that I have adjusted this camera to a 65mm lens, the framing and everything just feels so much better. 

Revisions to come will include continued timing adjustments, adding more fluid, organic overlap and connection in the spine and the rest of the body, some facial tweaking in eyes and mouth, and a new bit of looking around after the burn, to help sell that Jill is concerned briefly with people watching her. I'll re-film some reference for this and go from there. New revision post in a few days!