Revised Blocking, change of story focus, for my final assignment for Intermediate Animation at Winter Animation Collab Class 2018

This is a rough blocking for the final assignment for the Intermediate Animation Class I took with Animation Collaborative. The exercise was to have 2 characters exchange forces and show weight shifts. I chose to do a father son reunion at an airport. Originally, I started the shot on the boy, center screen looking around for his father. Then the boy sees his father walk in from offscreen, turns and runs into his arms. After a bit I decided that I did not like my staging- mainly because I did not want to confuse my audience, having them think that the boy was lost, and looking around for his missing parent - something that might have been the case had I kept with the staging. The boy looking around did feel lost.....So I change the story's point of view, from the boy to the father instead. I think I worked better, for clarity, while keeping the heart and intention alive.