8 Hour Challenge #1 - Kid Reaches For A Ball Or Toy

This was an 8 hour challenge that a wonderful animator friend of mine suggested we do, recently. The goal was to animate whatever we could get done in 8 hours, The animation had to be under 10 seconds, no dialogue, minimal set and props, with a camera change if needed to sell the idea. Additionally, we assigned each other’s theme, we did not chose our own. That made for really fresh and new and also allowed little time to obsess over the idea. Then we hit the ground running, blind, having to come up with a scenario, the acting, everything. 8 hours! In the end, this is what I chose for the theme of " Boy reaches for a ball or toy". The idea came together within minutes as I did some thumbnail sketching for ideas. Once I drew a kid cowering behind a sofa, it spoke to me as something to go after. Violence and danger is not usually what I animate, so it was refreshing to try something new. Yeah, there are a good many poses I could push, and a lot of small technical mistakes, but overall I feel happy with how this came out, and I may even finish it! Learned so much on this one!