WIP 10/13/14 Time machine

I have made some satisfactory progress with this latest installment of a character dialogue piece, something I am really starting to get excited about. There is still much to do, but I feel that I am now very close to having the basis of the entire animation figured out. This started as a few loose moving images in my head, and from there it went into a storyboard and animatic before I went into 3D. Like all the animations I get most excited about creating, this is how those start. I'm still wanting to get faster at that sketch phase, but perhaps as I do more of these that skill too will be refined.

From this point onward I will be revising some key poses, adjusting some timing, and pushing the acting and asymmetry. I'm still not perfectly satisfied with some of the facial animation in the closeup, but i think I have a better idea of what I want to revise there, comments welcome! I made this video quickly from a screen recording in Quicktime, so the beginning is a bit choppy into the close up shot, you might notice. Kinda irks me, but I wanted to post this anyway to hopefully get feedback. At a later point I will model the background, the spaceship the character is holding, and set the scene. Aiming to have this done by mid to late November, depending on life events and work schedule and such.