WIP 10/14/14 Time Machine

I received some fantastic feedback from my art director, one Julia Lundman, regarding the animation. She suggested I edit the camera to get in close again for the more serious part of the animation after he plays with his toy, as the character ponders the ache that is nostalgia. After a few positions I think I really like this revision, thanks Julia! I also tweaked facial animation, and added some new layered keys to better pose and time the acting. I am feeling satisfied so far with the progress of this animation and I hope you all are enjoying watching it come together as well. I think the next thing I will do is go back and fix the hand and arm keys and start posing those in my next updates. I also want to go back and re-aim the eyes a bit, and revise just a little some of his main kneeling keys. As always, I'd love your feedback! I think the commenting feature for this is on just under the video :)