WIP 10/15/14 Time machine

OK, in this WIP, I:

  • Tweaked all facial eye and brow animation in the first CU
  • Reworked his arms placing the spaceship on the trackfor the wide shot and tweaked timing of movements. This is still definitely in progress, but getting there.
  • Added a new CU for the end shot to get closer to the emotion, thanks Julia!
  • Added some camera slow push in in both the wide shot and the last CU shot. My boyfriend had some great feedback regarding the last pose, so be on the lookout for that revision as well. Overall I think this is working better, especially with that camera. 

At this point I am no longer doing layered keys, but rather animating and revising what is here. Unless I get some stellar feedback for a critical acting change, or I have an epiphany of my own, I think the basis of this entire animation is now pretty much set and I am just going to move forward with what I have. Gotta keep in mind not overacting, or moving the character all the time on a word or a line. Rookie acting mistakes which are easy to do, and it is always more interesting to not do that, to see how motions can play with dialogue. I'm continuing to look for ways to keep this more natural, add more subtlety. I'm loving working on this, feedback welcome!