WIP 10/16/14 Time machine

For this short WIP, I did the following:

  • revised the end CU movements to happen after the character speaks the word "again"I like him not moving right on the word for this last part of the animation
  • slowed down the expression change form happy to thoughtful in wide shot
  • revised brow expressions timing and shape across the board
  • added some finger animation to the CU first shot and in the CU short where character studies ship. Revised hold in CU character shot
  • adjusted some head movements and eye darts and eyelid movements
  • Adjusted camera zooms slightly

I may or may not try to have the character move at the last bit of the word"again" in that ending close up shot, so he moves on the word just a bit, and we can see him speak a bit more. I dunno. I'll leave it like this for now. Perhaps when i add ruff lip sync I might change my mind, but the timing of the motion I like, so that will stay. Next WIP should have more hand/arm revision and maybe some more finger animation.