WIP 10/17/2014 Time Machine

For today's WIP, I made the following changes:

  • repositioned the arm holding the spaceship so the elbow stuck out more, away from body, for a more natural holding pose, thanks Charlie!
  • Re-aimed the eyes throughout
  • adjusted some brow squish and timing in first CU
  • Adjusted the overall happy face to be a little less crazed happy, toned it down, so it feels better with the dialogue
  • adjusted arm/hand animation placing ship on track and moving to leg
  • added weight shift and  in wide shot
  • went through whole animation and added in the x-axis movement of the head to all spines and neck, and overlapped the action to bring the rest of the body to life and soften the anim
  • added some shoulder motion
  • adjusted head/neck turn timing at end CU
  • Lots of little timing adjustments, but no rekeying anything. 

So I think this animation is feeling less stiff now and really starting to get there. I am thankful to my friends who game me some excellent critique, much of which found it's way into these small revisions. I feel I am surely past the halfway point, and will from here on out just continue filling in the breakdown animation. I can see lip sync in the far horizon! That will be fun to get to!