Last day at Disney Interactive

Well today is my last day of work at Disney Interactive. It has been quite a ride, and a long 4 and a half years at the wildly fluctuating Playdom that was acquired by Disney in 2010. I saw so many big shifts in top executives and studio bosses my head spun. So many games started and stopped for no reason it still makes no sense. But through all that wild chaos working for Playdom, I got to do some really COOL stuff for Disney/Pixar/Imagineering on 2 separate games, one of which shipped ( Disney Solitaire for Microsoft Surface devices). I learned so much, learned new technologies like Unity and Toon Boom Animate and refreshed my knowledge in Maya! I got to interact with top dogs at Disney feature and Pixar! And I grew as a leader and mentor, having lots of opportunities to lead as an animator, and later, as a new manager! Professionally, I grew so much in these roles in such stormy waters, and I am better for it. Also, I grew as a person. I moved to San francisco from South Carolina as a nervous fella, not knowing if I would even like California or be able to do the job requested of me, but I did it. I took a chance and succeeded. And I grew and matured and flourished here. I FOUND myself here, learned to love myself more, and learned how to be ME, to the world. SO many things were discovered here, and so much lerned, that it is hard to really talk about it all. Suffice it to say, it was a time of great learning and experience and knowledge and fun here, the likes of which is rare, and cannot be reproduced. I will miss those times, and reflect on them. But that chapter is finished, and I turn the page today, trying to peak around the corner for what is next!