WIP 10/27/2014 Time Machine

Being laid off required some focusing my attention elsewhere today, on things that make me feel good, so i spent some time today working on this animation, going through methodically and making revisions. Here is what has happened since last update:

  • Modeled space ship toy, and a room set for the animation
  • tweaked small amounts of timing throughout
  • Worked methodically through spine, then shoulders, then neck, then head, then arms, then hands and legs, adding overlap and making sure whole body felt more organic and have movement. Copied my best splines to accomplish this.
  • Re-aimed eyes just a bit after the arms position varied some from the above work.
  • gave hands and fingers more life
  • adjusted a little bit of timing on the hand picking up spaceship, tweaked some more finger animation
  • Adjusted colors on shirt, added lights

I am calling this the end of the intermediate animation stage. next steps, LIP SYNC! And then, polish phase. This animation WILL be done before November's end.