A New Year

It's been a while since the last blog posting, since Halloween roughly of last year, the day I was laid off, with many others, from Disney Interactive. That surely took a bit of time to get over, and in the mean time, I was immediately employed in a contract gig for a small indie studio making a really fun iOS game ( To be announced in a month, with my work posted!). SO I have been busy with that contract until this very week, with the contract having been finished. 

So what am I doing now? Well, I am moving forward full steam in my learning efforts to become a really good 3D character animator. I have signed up for a 3 month, online intermediate animation course with AnimSquad that started March 2nd. In preparation for that, I will do a few small exercise animations using the new rigs! When I am done with the course, I will create a brand new reel and start sending it out to feature film studios and pull all the strings I can.

Outside of animation, I plan to study photography, and get out of the house and shoot. I plan to cook a lot more, and definitely exercise more!

As for the Time Machine animation WIP that I was posting about, I have decided not to finish that, at least for now, but instead focus on the new rigs that I have as they are more appealing. Stay tuned for some new animation updates.

And Happy New Year!