Next steps. The Layoff is in the far horizon

Well, got the portfolio site up and running. Business cards were made and at the ready for launching, and now, I know when I am to be laid off. Ahhh, lay offs. Such a rough time to endure. But it's surely fortunate to know about it well in advance, and be able to prepare for it, as I find myself in that awesome position now. Come October 15th, I and a large team of others will no longer be employees of The Walt Disney Company. For myself, this has been a long time coming. I have been with Disney Interactive for 4 and a half years, and it's a sad ending to a time period of tremendous personal and professional growth. I learned how to become, and be better, as a manager. I learned more about the art of animation, the inner workings of games, and tested my limits of pipeline creation and management. I feel more confident than I ever have, and am left with the electrifying taste of ambition. I have big plans ahead for myself. There is so much more amazing to come. :)