And now, to renew focus on my portfolio, and some freelance!

Been a busy handful of weeks since the news of impending layoff, and I have surely been busy building things. Now, it is time I turned my attention back to my animation. I'll be spending a good portion of my free time looking and listening to movies and dialogue for that perfect bit of acting sound bite that grabs me. It's a pretty big task...that, "where to start" task. It can seem so huge and impossible, but it is doable. I am looking to really animate something great, and put my all into it, because it is now or never. I am finally going to submit to the bigger studios, go after my dream of film. Once I have some new acting animations in 3D, I'm launching it full force out into the world. It's big, it is ambitious, and it's exciting as much as it makes me nervous. Once I really get this into motion, I'll be posting progress on my blog, as a means to keep everyone up to date with my happenings, as well as to hold myself accountable! I get lazy! Bad Eric!

Until next time..