Another One Person Dialogue for Intro to Acting, but to be fully animated with mouth lip sync

For the next assignment for Spring 2018 Intro to Acting class at Animation Collaborative, we did another one person dialogue - but this time, it was to be fully animated, mouth lip synced and all. For this exercise,. I chose a line from Innerspace - Martin Short freaking out. This is my rough blocking towards the beginning of the project.

In the second video, I started doing more draw overs and feeling out his emotions. The posing got stronger and more interesting.

The third video is after class critique revision notes. I was to hold longer on the character pausing for the "shut up" line, and move directly into staring at the top of the swaying Jenga tower - because the middle part was just too much motion and eye darting.I think it is a stronger piece now but I do have lots to learn! Starting got really consider the character and honesty and clarity in my work - trying to find ways to NOT over animate things. Seeking ways to do "less is more" in my work.