Another Shot progression for Intro to Acting, Anim Collab Spring 2018!

For this shot, I wanted to try out a little lie, between 2 close female friends, and really push myself on acting honesty and clarity. I worked hard to figure out who these characters were regarding their history, the character traits, studying the art of lying, and in general asking a lot of folks for feedback on lying, men and women alike. Interesting to note how the face has trouble hiding emotions, as they kinda pop onto the face and then get suppressed. That is something I tried to get specific on, from sneers and disgust that show up, to the blink patters, to the little lying negation of the head shake at the end and the small shoulder shrug. I think all the effort I put in paid off! Still some body mechanics to polish but I feel pretty good about the acting, and how much I learned from this shot!